Tamworth Academy is fictitious private school in the Devils Like To universe. It is the rival school of Warwick Academy, and is supposedly where all of the "bad kids" attend. Transfer students from Warwick are treated poorly. Enrollment is also cheaper. If you can't get into Warwick, go Tamworth.

The mascot is the Centaur and the school colours are green and white.

Uniforms Edit

The uniforms at Tamworth consist of black pants, shorts, or skirts, a white dress shirt, a black tie or bow, and a green cardigan or sweatervest with a capital "T" on the left breast. In fall, a black blazer with the school crest can be worn.

Alumni Edit

  • Cameron Gully
  • Cassie Sandsmark
  • "Ed"

Former Students Edit

  • Nigel Irons
  • Luka Macken (unwittingly)

Deceased Students Edit

  • The ones in the visitors stands that one time at that rugby match when the demonic duo moved a bomb.