Revy Macken
Some attributes
First Species: Revenant
Second Hair: Blonde
Third Eyes: Blue, with the whites replaced with black.
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 14 (Doesn't age)
Fifth Aliases: "Specimen R-001"
Sixth Status: Undead
Revy Macken is a revenant inhabiting Alois's original body. He first appeared on chapter 317 of DLTD[1] when Alois inexplicably became sick due to Revy unwittingly stealing his soul. These days he lives at Phantomhive Manor and goes to school at Warwick.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Regeneration
  • Agelessness

Notable Relationships Edit

  • Jim "Alois" Phantomhive: As his older "brother", Alois often leaves a bad taste in Revy's mouth simply by virtue of telling him what to do. That said, Alois' intentions aren't bad, but rather, misunderstood. Revy believes that by doing this, Alois is trying to change him into "another version of himself", both contributing to and extending from Revy's identity issues. Revy claims to "hate having his face" and inadvertently compares himself to Alois often as a result. Their relationship is slowly improving, however, as Revy learns some truths about Alois' life and motivations.
  • Ciel Phantomhive: Revy does not like or dislike Ciel. For the most part, he is neutral, but sometimes suspicious. There is still some disapproval of Ciel's relationship with Alois from Revy, putting a strain on the possibility of forming a significant familial relationship at all.
  • Luka Macken: Originally, Luka was suspicious of the then "new" middle brother of Macken, but has since warmed up quite a bit, now accepting him as a member of the family. Luka still does find Revy "weird" and often thinks that he's bothering him, but this is most likely just because of the difference in age and interests.
  • Sebastian Michaelis: As his now "father figure", Sebastian has a great deal of authority in Revy's life, but it more steadfast and firm in bringing him up, leaving Revy no room to argue against him. That said, Revy does manage to get on his nerves by disappearing without telling him and refusing to call when he does. Sebastian tries to teach Revy some manners and is successful for the most part, however. While the teen's stubborn nature does cause friction between them, Revy doesn't "hate" Sebastian, as he's "just doing his job" and does have a bit of respect for him.
  • Samantha Westley: Samantha is one of Revy's friends from school who he often sees outside of campus.
  • Geraldine Midford: Geraldine is Revy's other friend from school who he often sees outside of campus. The trio often go to her house and consider it their base.

Trivia Edit

  • He was female in his original life, but not a trans girl[2]
  • He most likely doesn't age.[3]

References Edit

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