Miranda is a supernatural researcher and the head of the Research Department at H.E.L.L.S.I.N.G. Despite the fact that she does not have a medical licence, she provides medical services to the supernatural staff members. She never finished secondary school, and instead went to work as an assistant under her grandmother, Doctor Ackerman, before eventually taking her status after she retired.

Obsessed with research and the supernatural, Miranda often acts in ways that could typically be considered "inappropriate", often forgetting social norms and cues while working. She gets great excitement from the opportunity to learn new things, and will often get so immersed in them that she cannot focus on anything else. Sometimes, she forgets to eat and sleeps in the laboratory. On occasion, Doctor Elena Lovejoy has to deliberately lock her out so that she will go home and get some rest.

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  • Dafydd Blake
  • Elena Lovejoy
  • Audrey Baines

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