Logan is an incubus residing in Gehenna. He is a cashier at the general store, which he enjoys, seeing as though he wants to help the community in any way that he can. Logan is a very laid back sort with a tendency to be too nice and understanding for his own good at times, but can get hostile when threatened, like most people. He feels very passionately for his fellow supernaturals, and while he certainly doesn't believe that all humans are bad, he does believe that humans tend to have very harmful ideologies and values. Still, he will always be pleasant to those who are friendly.

Relationships Edit

Kristopherson Miles

  • Logan is currently very good friends with Kristopherson Miles, and helps him get used to his lycanthropy as often as he can. Sometimes, however, he just comes over to Kristopherson's flat in order to hang out. He gets along swimmingly with the faux-blonde, but also seems to have a little something else for him below the surface. That said, Logan will always put Kristopherson's comfort first, and would never want to ruin a friendship.