Kyung-Soon Park is a Korean-American vampire and general of the Girasol coven in Gehenna.

Park is outgoing and incredibly mischievous. She can be violent to those who irritate her, and will playfully pester those who she's either friendly with, or wishes to be friendly with. Oftentimes, she will bully Tegwen Sibyl, taking her hat and wearing it while the police officer is on patrol, just for the sake of getting her attention.

Despite her vuglar mouth, she is perfectly willing to let other people know if she is offended by something, and will even use violent means to make her point. She is very knowledgeable about LGBT issues, as it is a very important part of her personal identity, despite the homophobic and often misogynistic nature of her coven. She has even persuaded the notoriously homophobic "Baby Face" Baldassare to stop using the slur "d*ke" (at least in her presence) as it it not a slur for non-lesbians to use or reclaim.

Weapons Edit

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Notable Relationships Edit

  • "Baby Face" Baldassare:

Kyung-Soon has perhaps had one of the greatest impacts on progressivism in the Girasol coven, due to her proximity to Baldassare. She is one of the only people that Baldassare will actually listen to on these matters in addition to Sister Dorothy. He will even argue in her favour when presented with conflict. She is perhaps the only one of the Girasol generals to be able to defy Baldassare.

  • "Fangless" Shaun

Kyung-Soon doesn't seem to get along with her fellow general and expresses disgust in his objectification of lesbians and use of the "d-slur" both verbally, and by promptly kicking him in the face. It can be safe to assume that this sort of thing happens often.

  • Officer Tegwen Sibyl

Tegwen Sibyl is Kyung-Soon's favourite person to pester, and often schedules her routine so that she can intercept her while she is on patrol. At first, Tegwen believes that she is merely bullying her, but later Kyung-Soon gives her the impression that she is interested in her romantically by kissing her on the cheek. However, Tegwen is also hesitant to settle on this conclusion, believing that it is possibly another prank. They are on very friendly terms, however, as Kyung-Soon escorted her to her house while she was drunk and took care of her. The following morning, they deepened their relationship by simply hanging out while Kyung-Soon was unable to leave Tegwen's appartment due to the sun. It is confirmed that Kyung-Soon is romantically interested in Tegwen, however, Tegwen's feelings are currently unclear.