Doppelgangers are a supernatural species within the DLT universe. They have no identifying features, due to their ability to assimilate themselves into human society completely by "stealing" the life of an already existing human being. Doppelgangers are deadly and will stop at nothing to cover their tracks.

Nature Edit

Doppelgangers lack an identity, therefore they steal that of another person. Doppelgangers express great sadness and a sense of longing for a stable sense of self, however, they often have to jump from person to person due to being discovered. After replicating a life for long enough, a doppelganger may in fact begin to sincerely believe they are the person that they have copied. They can copy the appearance of a person down to the smallest detail from a touch, as well as memories, personality, skills, and talents. They will experience relationships in the exact same manner as the person that they have stolen the identity of, even going as far to feel sincere attachment to friends or loved ones of the person whom they have killed. This makes doppelgangers pitiable, but one must never hesitate when presented with the opportunity to dispatch them, or risk becoming their next target.

Abilities Edit

  • Limited shape-shifting capability (can only copy once obtaining physical contact with target.)
  • Memory replication (Contact needed.)
  • (Limited) Skill replication (Contact needed. Supernatural abilities of original are weak in comparison.)