Daniel Lennon Westley is a full blooded human being, unlike a few members of the "Sensational Seven". Daniel is said to have been originally planned to be the "Plain character" due to his boring sounding name, but obviously, his hijinks led him to not be placed as that. Throughout Daniel's high school life, he was constantly claiming that he wasn't gay. However, he has admitted to Kristopherson that he is.

Notable relationships Edit

  • Kristopherson Miles- Daniel's ex boyfriend and good friend. Although they have grown somewhat distant after their relationship ended, they are still friends and have hung out with one another on multiple occasions without any problems.
  • Alois Trancy (Jim Phantomhive)- Daniel's other good friend and preferred accomplice when performing hijinks. Daniel has confided in Alois with deeply personal problems in the past, and is extremely comfortable when talking to him.
  • Paul Blackwood- Another ex boyfriend from an extremely abusive relationship. Blackwood was just using Daniel in order to get at his father, who treated Blackwood badly while on his payroll. Over the course of this relationship, Blackwood took advantage of Daniel sexually while Daniel was intoxicated, leaving Daniel with complicated feelings of being a male victim of rape.
  • Samantha Westley- The only relative of Daniel's that he actually seems to like. Samantha shares the same opinion about him in return. Samantha is Daniel's sister who lives with him after their father died, as she didn't want to live with either their older brother, Nathan, or their mother. Daniel takes good care of her and encourages her to become the best she can be, motivating her to be even smarter than she was to begin with, and that was a lot.

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