Dafydd Blake is a warlock currently under the employment of HELLSING. He is part of the Research Department. He is arrogant by nature, and likes to show off. His flashy nature and over-confidence is often his downfall in most cases, especially when it comes to forming relationships.

He has a love for magic and believes it to be a science. It is to the extent where the phrase he utters to unlock his magical power is "Scientia de Anima!" which very roughly translates to "Science of the Heart" or "Science of the Soul" in Latin. Dafydd is a genius when it comes to crafting spells and charms, and has even shown expertise in building anti-freak weaponry. Dafydd can speak multiple languages, but still is bad at talking to people without sounding like a tool.

Weapons Edit

  • Magic rings

Notable Relationships Edit

  • Cameron Gully- Cameron Gully is Dafydd's current boyfriend, whom he first became aquainted with while conspiring to win the affections of Alois Trancy, while helping Cameron regain the attention of his ex-boyfriend, Kristopherson Miles. They are supposedly very happy together, and share an interest in science.
  • Miranda Ackerman- Dafydd's coworker, whom he bickers with often. Despite their petty squabbles about theory and weapon design, they get along very well, and are even fairly good friends.
  • Doctor Elena Lovejoy- Coworker from the H.E.L.L.S.I.N.G. research department. Dafydd and Doctor Lovejoy will conspire against Miranda often in order to get her to leave the lab and go home to get some sleep.
  • Alois Trancy- Dafydd's first crush upon entering Warwick Academy. At first, Dafydd thought that Alois was a girl, but did not mind in the slightest upon discovering that Alois is indeed male. His affections were never returned however, no matter what bizarre and selfish schemes he cracked in order to gain Alois' affections.
  • Ciel Phantomhive- A one-sided "rival" of sorts. Ciel would always guard his boyfriend from Dafydd's advances and foil his schemes, much to Dafydd's lamentation. Although he is no longer in pursuit of Alois, Dafydd still does not much like Ciel from their past run-ins.