Some attributes
First Species: Vampire
Second Hair: Dark Grey
Third Eyes: Red
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 306
Fifth Aliases: "Baby Face", Girasol Frescobaldi
Sixth Status: Dead

Baldassare was the leader of the vampire coven Girasol and patron of the Wolf's Glen. While he was still young, Baldassare had been attacked by a vampire while he was on his own, leaving him to have his blood sucked, and him be turned into a vampire as well. He has often been shown to not want to go on anymore, that his life as a vampire seems meaningless and immortality is boring, but he can never go through with actually killing himself.

While Baldassare often made it look as though he hated Ciel and can't stand the fact that Ciel is a homosexual, he helped to locate and take down the vampire coven Gentlemen, as well as aiding in the fight to find and destroy other vampires that were part of the coven. Baldassare is also a well known author, and under the name "Girasol Frescobaldi" published many stories, both fiction and nonfiction, about the supernatural world.

Abilities Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Unspecified antifreak pistol

Notable Relationships Edit

  • Sister Dorothy

It has been said since Baldassare's introduction that he and Sister Dorothy are quite close. She is known to be the only other person that could keep Baldassare somewhat in line. In addition, she was his best friend and confidant. The nun was the number one person Baldassare went to in the times he felt suicidal, and it is mentioned that she has even stopped him from killing himself.

  • Samantha Westley

Samantha, younger sister of Daniel, is a student of Baldassare's. Once the vampire learns of Samantha's interest in his works and thirst for knowledge of the supernatural, he begins teaching her about supernaturals. Along the way, they also develop a sort of friendship.

Quotes Edit

  • "If you've got something to say, speak up and say it, Dicknose McButtfuck!"
  • "Get the fuck off me, ass-pirate!"
  • "I don't have to be nice to a dick-eating asshole-jockey! Leggo!"

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