Audrey Gareth Baines is a half-human, half-reaper who works at the intel department of Hellsing. He was originally known as "The Boy in the Big Chair" as he would always sit in the largest chair in the Warwick commons room. Audrey had created his own large network of information, and would give information away on just about anything from students to staff in exchange for the right amount of pixie sticks.

Audrey saw a grim reaper on the job when he was younger, and was able to witness the cinematic records of a person due to his reaper heritage, and was blissfully unaware of his supernatural side until he learned the pasts of Alois and Ciel.

he wants some fuc from kris

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Quotes Edit

  • "How about I don't, and you keep your little fantasies to yourself, Dan?" x
  • "Hi, I'm Audrey and I have a penis."

Trivia Edit

  • He likes the band 999

Artwork by HateWeasel, the creator of DLTD